Buzzard's Roost Trail System

Our goal is to raise $100K to construct the trail system. This is in addition to the proceeds from the Snake Time Trials, RTP Grant, and a $25K donation from the Lyndhurst Foundation. Help make this happen by donating to NWGA SORBA.

We are a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. For associates of Shaw Industries, we have a donor who has made a generous offer to match up to $5,000 of the total donations from Shaw associates. So double your money by making a donation here.

Thanks for your support! To help us identify Shaw associate donations, please enter “SHAW-BUZZARD'S ROOST” in the "Special instructions to seller" or notes section of the donation form.


Next Steps...

Buzzard's Roost is a local treasure that will provide opportunities for recreation  and history education.  It will attract tourist to visit and enjoy our community.  Please show your support!